L E V E N S H U L M E  Reunion Page for the Class of 1960/61( Miss Halsteads Class 4A)

This page is dedicated to the last class that I attended at Chapel Street County Primary School in the years 1960/61.Most of the children in this class had :"studied" together since the mid-1950's. Some pupils came & went but most of us were in the same class during all our years at Chapel Street. The form teacher in our Final year was Miss Halstead. She is missing from this picture, due to illness, I believe! I am still looking for a photo of Miss Halstead as she looked during this time. There is a picture below showing Miss Halstead in 1954.

The Reunion

The idea for a reunion came about via a series of events! I had received a copy of a local Levenshulme paper called "The Levenshulme Post" in 1999. As I was visiting Manchester & the UK that year I posted an advert in the paper seeking old friends from Chapel Street. To my complete surprise I received a letter from Carol Howard nee Humphries, and an E-mail from my old "best friend" Tony Woodford. I contacted both of them swapped stories & memories. I also arranged to meet Tony when I visited in September 1999.We duly met up as arranged and enjoyed an evening visiting old "haunts" in Levenshulme e.g. The Brickie & Reddish Vale & we went to see  Tony's Mum. On returning to Canada, I began to think if it may be possible to find more of the pupils from that Class of 1961! I placed a letter in the MEN & The Stockport Express. The rest ,as they say, is history. Pamela Tomlinson nee. Simm contacted me and offered to help find more people and help arrange a Reunion. By early 2001 we had made contact with roughly 20 old classmates. Pamela & Mary Doyle nee Richardson made the arrangements, and the Reunion took place on Friday 15th June 2001 at "The George & Dragon" in Heaton Chapel. It was a great event & I hope that we can repeat the experience again one day. In the meantime I continue to look for the missing pupils. This site may possibly locate some more of our old friends

The First Reunion. August/September 1999

  The "First" Reunion. Tony Woodford, his Mum Evelyn & Me. September 1999.


Class Photo 1961. Signed by all those who attended the Reunion.

  This photo shows Miss Halstead in 1954 and comes via a photo posted on the Chapel Street page of Friends Reunited.

2001 Reunion Photos Apologies to the ladies for using their original surnames

  2001 Reunion. Standing Bernie Stevens. Seated David Hall, Kathleen Carruthers, Glynda Moran, George Nixon, Bill Hyde, Jimmy Kirwin, Mary & Vivien.

2001 Reunion. Glynda Moran, George Nixon & Bill Hyde.

2001 Reunion. Vivien, Carol Humphries, Carols Mum & Tony Woodford.

The  2001 Reunion.  L-R Mary Richardson, Vivien Logan & Pamela Simm. Lurking in the background is Tony Woodford.

The "Third" Reunion

In September 2002 Mavis and I spent a weeks holiday in Boston, Massachusetts. New England in the fall is a beautiful place to visit. Knowing that John Trail lived near Boston, I contacted him & we arranged to meet. We spent a very pleasant couple of hours wandering around Boston on a Sunday afternoon. Johns wife Linda attended St. Marks Primary School & also Chapel St School.

  John and Linda Trail and Me, Boston Common. Boston MA. USA 2002.

A recent, 2010, photo of John Trail, wife Linda, son Dave and Dave's girlfriend Rebecca.

The "Fourth Reunion" Christmas 2007

I went to Manchester in December 2007, and spent Christmas And New Year with family and friends. I met up with Tony Woodford in Stockport. Tony cooked us lunch in his beautiful new kitchen. We also went down to Levenshulme and visited Tony's Mum. A great day. Thanks Tony!!

The Fifth Reunion, October 2013

On my visit to Manchester and Levenshulme in October 2013, I managed to meet up with a few old classmates from Chapel Street School. I met Tony Woodford on two occasions, and also met up with Laurence Halstead, who I last saw in 1961!! Finally, I met up once again with Mary Doyle, nee Richardson, and her husband Alan. We met for a drink at The Blue Bell Inn. Sadly Alan Doyle passed away a few weeks after our meeting.

"Old Pals!!" Laurence Halstead, Tony Woodford and yours truly at the Pod Deli on Albert Road. October 2013.

Alan & Mary Doyle and myself at The Bluebell Inn, October 2013.

Class of 1960/61. Where are they now?

I thought that it may be interesting to find out what the Class of 1960/61 are doing now, and where they are living!  In the case of the girls I will show their maiden names & married name if known. I will need help from the group on this section! Also the Class photo may not show all those who were in the class at that time!

Pauline Miles nee Proctor.

Pauline Proctor, aged 5. Pauline was not at the reunion. I found her via Friends Reunited. She now lives in the south of England. She is now Pauline Miles.

Bernard "Bernie" Stevens

This is a fairly recent photo of Bernard Stevens found on his Facebook page. I remember Bernard as an avid collector of "Matchbox" diecast cars. He works in education now, and he is a pot-holer & outdoors enthusiast. Also a member of a Peak District Rescue team.

Laurence Halstead

Richard "Rick" Helm

Pamela Tomlinson nee Simm

Mary Doyle nee Richardson

Bill  "Billy" Hyde (1950-2008)

Bill "Billy" Hyde was one of the reunion group in 2001. He recently contacted me, May 2008. He has a website if you wish to contact him. Here is the link:- http://billhyde1.googlepages.com/milesplatting

This is the beautiful graphic heading on Bills "Miles Platting" web pages. Note the banjo!!

Update: It is with much sadness that I have to announce the passing of our old classmate Bill "Billy" Hyde. Bill passed away on 28th May 2008, after just celebrating his 58th birthday. He will be sadly missed. He lived a full and happy life. His family and music, especially blue grass, were his passions. God Bless you Bill!!

Bill Hyde & Val McKlimonds, Matlock Bath, 1983. The band was called The Free Mexican Air Force. ( via Richard Ineson)

The full "Free Mexican Airforce" lineup. Bill nearest the camera. ( Richard Ineson)

Another photo of Bill performing. (via Richard Ineson)

The two photos above were taken in Amsterdam, Holland in 1982. Bill got around!! (via Richard Ineson, The man with the specs in both photos!!)

Bill Hyde on Banjo looking very cool!!

Jimmy Kirwin  A classmate from 4B

Not sure when this was taken, but Jim looks very happy!!

Another Reunion. Me and Brian Carter. Kissimmee, Orlando, Florida, September 2008

In mid 2008 I was contacted via Friends Reunited, by my old friend from Didsbury Technical High School, Brian Carter. In the course of swapping Emails I discovered that we were both going to be in Orlando, Florida USA at the same time. We managed to meet up, and had a great time reliving old memories and catching up on the last 40 years! Brian was visiting Disneyworld with his family. I was there to take a flight in a Second World War Training Airplane. The plane was a North American SNJ or Harvard. I got to take the controls and we did Loops, Rolls, Wingovers and Barrel Rolls. Fantastic!!

My friend Brian Carter, far right, with Paul Lineham and Dave Drabble. Disbury Tech Speech Day 1962.

Flying the Harvard. Kissimmee, Florida, USA. September 2008

Me flying the Harvard in Kissimmee, Florida.

Geoffrey "Geoff" Todd (1950-2010)

It is with much sadness that I have to pass on the sad news of the passing of an old school friend. Geoff Todd passed away on Friday, 12th March 2010, after suffering a hear attack. Sadly Geoff did not make it to the 2001 Reunion, but I do believe that he met up with some of the reunion crowd at a later date. He will be missed by his family.