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On this page you will find some links to other sites that contain information on Levenshulme. If you know of other sites please let me know.


















    http://manchesterhistory.net/railway/home.html  This site has history & photos of Longsight Station

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/manchester/voices/2003/03/levenshulme_station.shtml BBC North site with some interesting audio from Alma Park School Etc.

  www.levenshulme.shorturl.com Levenshulme Past & Present Web site. Operated by Phil Auld. A very detailed & Informative site.                                             

http://manchesterhistory.net/LONGSIGHT/homeopen.html Longsight Memories Web site. Also links to other sites operated by David Boardman. Great Information & Photographs

http://www.manchesteronline.co.uk/ewm/  Great Manchester site by Aidan O 'Rourke. So much to see on this site!!

http://www.manchesteronline.co.uk/ewm/001ewm/023_levenshulme/index.html Part of the above site. A virtual walk along Stockport Road. Great contemporary photographs & interesting commentary. by Aidan & past residents of Levenshulme.

http://uk.geocities.com/burnageheritage/index.html. This site is called "Burnage Heritage". It is a project of the Rev.Denis Nadin,a one time resident of Burnage. It is a resource for the history of Burnage.

http://www.upton.cx/ring/  This site is a link to many other local history web sites within the United Kingdom.

http://www.levenshulme.com  This is a local community website for Levenshulme. Some interesting letters and comments on current Levenshulme issues.


Http://www.britishpathe.com/   This site is absolutely AMAZING!! It contains over 3500 hours of Pathe Newsreels from the last century, including the Manchester premiere of  "Hell Is A City" at the Apollo In Ardwick Green. All the newsreels can be downloaded!

http://gallery31903.fotopic.net/c82571_1.html  This is an interesting site featuring photographs of the "Fallowfield Loop Line" taken in the late 1980s, shortly after the line was closed to rail traffic.

http://www.alltogether.info/   This is a local information site for Levenshulme, Longsight & Ardwick. Some local history on here.

http://www.images.manchester.gov.uk/  Manchester City Councils Photographic Image site. Over 77,000images in total. Over 1300 relate to Levenshulme over the past 100 years. Truly amazing!!

http://www.manchesteronline.co.uk/mancunian/expats/s/77/77343_then_and_now.html  This link is to the Manchester Evening News Then & Now Photo Archive. It contains some Levenshulme content.

http://www.1940sqn.com/  This is a link to the Levenshulme ATC 1940 Squadron

http://www.allfm.org/public/listen_online.php    This is a link to ALLFM, Ardwick Longsight and Levenshulmes local FM radio station.

www.manmates.co.uk  Local Manchester reunion site.


http://www.manchester-forum.co.uk/   A local community website           

http://www.reelstreets.com   Yet another extensive site dedicated to British Film Locations

http://www.ukonscreen.com/films.php?bbkegbb      A New site dedicated to mostly recent film locations

http://www.freewebs.com/stanleybaker/index.htm   A site dedicated to the life and work of the actor Sir Stanley Baker

http://www.stevewoodbooks.co.uk/       Steve Wood has written a book partly based on his memories of growing up in Levenshulme

http://www.faireyband.com/index.htm    This is a link to the Fairey Band website, originally set up as The Fairey Aviation Brass Band under conductor Harry Mortimer


A collectables website operated by Dave Skinner.


The above site is a Stanley Baker Memorial Site run by Claire Gonzalez. It is very comprehensive regarding Stanley Bakers film career. Well worth a visit!


                The Nixon/Wilson Family History Page

I have thought several times during the course of building this Levenshulme website of including a page dedicated to the two families of my paternal and maternal ancestors. Finally, June 2010, I have decided to attempt to do this. I know little of my mother's fathers side of the family, namely the Wilsons, however I am more familiar with the history regarding my fathers family, the Nixons, and my mothers family, the Phaseys.

To start, I will write down my story as I remember it, and my connection with the district of Levenshulme in South Manchester.

                                                George Nixon. d.b September 7th 1949

I was born on September 7th 1949 in St Mary's Hospital, Oxford Road, Manchester. In later years I have often claimed that I am a "true Mancunian" because I was born within the sound of the chimes of the Town Hall clock, much as a "Cockney" would claim to be a "true Londoner", because he was born within the sound of the chimes of Bow Bells (St Mary Le Bow Church, built by Sir Christopher Wren, in the City of London). That may sound fanciful, but please indulge me!!

My parents Thomas George Nixon, born 16th September 1915 and Doris Nixon ( nee Wilson) born 23rd September1905, lived at 79 Osborne Road, Levenshulme. I was preceded by my sister Rosemary Anne Nixon (now Bramall), born 27th April 1946.My parents were married at Christ Church, Heaton Norris on April 21st 1945, during the end of World War 2. (Coincidentally, I was married on the same date in 1973!)

My father, Tom Nixon, was born in Stockport, at Church Street, Heaton Norris. Sometime in the 1920s his family moved to 10 Albert Road, Heaton Moor, Stockport. This is where he lived until he married in 1945.

My mother, Doris Wilson, was born in Longsight, Manchester. She lived at Longden Road at one time, but may have lived at other addresses also. Her parents eventually lived in Windsor Road, Levenshulme, and this is probably where she lived at the time of her marriage in 1945.

Sometime after my birth, my parents moved to 20 Thorncliffe Grove, Levenshulme. I have very vague memories of this house. Around about 1953 my parents bought a house at 14 Station Road, South Levenshulme. I remember the year because I recall all the houses, including ours, being decorated for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2nd. This is the house that I remember as my "home" because this is where I spent the next 20 years of my life.